Logs For Sale


Logs For Kent

We have been supplying logs ever since we stared 40 years ago.  All our logs are seasoned for at least 12 months of more so we can for the best quality not only to burn but give great heat. All our loads come with the best mix of seasoned hard and soft wood to insure for an easy start but long burning fire. 

Sizes starting from 6 inchs to 3 feet with a normal loads at 10-12 inchs 

Standers loads is 8 wheels barrows or 1.2 cube meters - 75 pounds 

Double load 2x loads with is 16 barrows with 4 free barrows on top 20 barrow or 3 cube meters - 150 pounds 

and if that is not enough we can bring up to 8 loads at once or an 18 wheeler /grablorry load 

Logs For Sale Kent, Ashford,  Biddenden, Tenterden, High Halden, Pluckey, Rolvenden, Headcorn & More